Estate Planning

Wills • Trusts • Probate

Whether you are getting married and starting a family, or need to settle the affairs of a beloved family member, estate planning services are a necessity of responsible adulthood.  At Doherty Smith, we understand that.  We’ve got the experience and the temperament that helps when you’re assessing the legal needs of your family.  

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Wills and Trusts

An estate plan isn't the sexiest purchase you'll ever make, but time after time, our clients say they sleep better at night knowing their family won't end up sorting through a messy estate at a difficult time. From a Simple Will through a complete Estate plan with Trusts and Powers of Attorney for health care and finances, the attorneys at Doherty Smith can help anyone from newlyweds to senior citizens make sure that their final wishes will be granted.

Trust Implementation and Probate

Too often, the passing of a loved one is further complicated by the lack of a coherent estate plan or the absence of a will and subsequent need to probate the estate. If you need an attorney to advise on how to interpret and implement an estate plan, or - in the absence of any will at all - someone to handle the probate estate of a loved one, Doherty Smith can help. We promise to do our best to lighten your load at a time when things are already heavy enough.